The Appeal of Pokémon Go

Nothing in this world annoys me more than fads and thousands of millions of people raving about the newest hot thing that’ll soon be a distant memory. Yet, here I am sitting at a Starbucks PokeStop, sipping on my caramel macchiato and waiting for Pokémon to appear so I can catch ‘em all. Of course, I’m also writing this blog post and relaxing after a stressful day, but the main reason I chose this Starbucks is because it is located between two PokeStops that I can reach by moving my phone closer to one side of the table versus the other. Other players also usually purchase lure modules so a lot of Pokémon gravitate to this area. I can write, relax, drink coffee, let the Pokémon come to me and collect items from two PokeStops, all at once. There’s also a Pokémon Go gym down the street.

The fact that I even downloaded the app is a big deal. I scoffed at its existence the moment it came out. I have never been interested in Pokémon and I definitely don’t follow fads, so what happened and why did I feel the need to download the app and be part of a team?

Meeting new people with similar interests:

I may not be an OG Pokémon player, but I am in a new town with no friends. Downloading the game and talking to people over the nearest Pikachu was a way to bond over something. It’s an easy way to break the ice and made me feel like I was part of something (Team Instinct #represent).

Getting out of my bat cave:

As a couch potato, it’s often difficult to get out of my bat cave (aka my room) and into the real world, but Pokémon Go had me exploring my new neighborhood. Each PokeStop usually had a landmark or interesting sculpture associated with it. I was able to research the history behind it and as an art lover, it was a way for me to think of my new city as an art gallery. Pokémon Go sent me on a virtual scavenger hunt where I was able to check out places I wouldn’t have even bothered to look at before.

Those are my two reasons for downloading the game, but what’s intriguing about Pokémon Go is that for others it brings back memories of their childhood, with an augmented reality twist.


90% of adults who have downloaded the new game are between the ages of 18 to 34. Pokémon Go appeals to their pre-iPhone days and current lifestyle with their phones always glued to their hands. These Millennials can catch the same Pokémon they had on their trading cards as kids while commuting to work or during their lunch break.

Despite Pokémon Go being a fad, it’s an exciting and enjoyable game. It’s bringing people together, making people exercise and explore the world around them, and creating new memories while allowing players to reminisce about their childhood. If we ignore the dead bodies that have been found and others luring players to secluded locations to rob them, Pokémon Go might just be the best game ever created.